Waterproof Leash and Collar

Benefits of Waterproof Collars and Leashes

What exactly is a waterproof collar?

Waterproof collars, harnesses, and leashes are made from a polyester webbing with a special PVC coating that makes it easy to clean, repel water, 100% non-toxic, and odor resistant. Think about the strap on your Apple Watch but for your dog.

Great for dogs with skin issues

With a smooth, flexible surface to the collar, it will not pull at your pet's fur or scratch sensitive skin. This makes it perfect for any pets who have skin issues. Additionally, the fact that it dries quickly prevents rashes, irritations, and infections/hot spots.

Easy to clean and odor resistant

Traditional nylon and polyester collars are easily stained and get dirty after a trip to the dog park. With one quick wipe from a wet washcloth the waterproof collar will look good as new. It also will not trap nasty odors and smells like most traditional collars do. 

Long-lasting durability

Traditional nylon collars wear down, fade, and rip over time. On the other hand, the coated webbing of a waterproof collar can take a beating and will be long lasting. 

Safer, more hygienic, and fashionable

All perks you can't overlook! Take a look at our line of waterproof leashes, collars, and harnesses to make sure your pet is getting all of the benefits listed above!

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