Introducing the Puppy Harness and Collar Trade-In Program

We get it. Dogs go from small to big, Quick!

To make life easier on your wallet we have created a puppy harness and collar trade-in program

How it works:

  • Purchase any collar or harness for your puppy who is less than 6 months old
  • Once you receive the item go to this link and create a log-in
  • Click "start a return or join the puppy harness trade-in program here"
  • Fill out the information and attach a picture of your puppy in the collar or harness
  • When your puppy outgrows the harness or collar within the fist year come back to this portal and we will give you a coupon for 50% off a larger harness or collar!

*In order to be eligible these steps must be completed within 2 weeks of receiving your original product. One trade-in per dog. Rules and exclusions apply.